I think this is how Sam feels when he is with you – safe and successful. I know how lucky we feel that we get to work with you – I wish all teachers could see this and get a little idea of what damage can be done by comparing a child to others.


Classroom teaching in a primary school is one of the best jobs there is. But it does present a few challenges, no matter how skilled a teacher happens to be. Kim Register from Learning Support has provided us with realistic guidance and advice about how best cater for the learning needs of children with Specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia), in the classroom. Her suggestions are practical and realistic. I definitely recommend her.

Barry Schon


The Learning Support team of tutors are highly passionate about supporting children who have specific learning needs. I am confident when referring parents to Learning Support that these parents will be well listened to and their children will have an individual programme that is carefully considered and a detailed plan put in place. One of the things that stands out the most for me is how well Learning support tutors support the students sense of well being. Not only do they have a good understanding of skills and strategies that best fit a specific learning need, they also nurture these students and encourage a determined and positive ‘can do approach’. The team of tutors communicate well with classroom teachers/sencos to ensure we are all on the same page with regards to goals and strategies that individual students are working on. For a student to progress, this collaborative team approach is key to a student being successful in their learning journey.

Jan Hamilton


I wanted to say a huge thank you! Learning Support’s method of selecting a tutor who they think will gel best with the individual student has been an amazing experience for Lachie. He absolutely loves his tutor, her way of teaching (“she makes it so much fun Mum” in his words) her warm environment and being able to be around her dog whilst learning (his request). This has all led to a boy who hated maths, being excited on the morning of his tutoring day. So thank you so much. It is all going really well and we really appreciate your help. Lachie’s tutor is amazing!

Jill Murray

Well thank you is never enough when it comes to what you have done for William over all these years. The energy and effort you have given so generously has made the world of difference to William. We are well aware that William would be in a very different position, in more aspects than just school work, if he had not had so much input from you.

Sarah McNaughtan

My child has made amazing progress with their tutor from Learning Support.

Joe Bloggs


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