Blog Post Term 3 2021

Firstly we hope that you are all coping well in lockdown. We know that working from home, as well as parenting and supporting home learning, can be quite a juggle so we acknowledge the hard mahi you are all putting in during this time! 

We are all thinking of you while we cannot see your kids face to face, but we have enjoyed seeing some of you online via Zoom sessions. We are so proud of how adaptable the kids are and how engaged they are when learning via Zoom! If your child is due to have a monitoring assessment done this term it may be pushed back a few weeks and will take place once we are back working face to face with our amazing kids. 

Wellington Tutors

Our Wellington branch is on the hunt for some new tutors for a 2022 start. We are rapidly expanding and are looking for passionate people who have experience in education to join our team. If you or anyone you know may be interested please send an inquiry email with your C.V. to and Kim and Holly will touch base with some further information. 

Maths: Basic Facts Fluency

We hear numerous parents ask about how to support their child with becoming ‘faster or more automatic’ with their basic facts, whether that be Bonds to 10/20, addition/subtraction basic facts or times tables. There is a vast array of research to confirm that this is a good idea. There is a clear connection between mastering basic facts and then applying this knowledge to more complex strategies and concepts. Before students focus on becoming automatic with their basic facts they first need to have solid number sense. This means that they need to work and play with numbers in a range of different ways so they understand the concepts behind the facts they are trying to master. 

Our Learning Support tutors do this with their Math students and support them to build on their number sense prior to becoming fluent in their basic facts, but there are also some things parents can do at home to support their child with their basic facts. 

This website has some great suggestions for FREE online games that could be played at home to practice facts in a fun way.

Math Drills has a huge range of printable practice sheets to help support basic facts fluency. If you do use these at home, remember that automaticity takes time, and sometimes removing a ‘timed factor’ will help your child to focus on the facts rather than feeling pressured to complete them as fast as possible. Not all children thrive when completing tasks under time pressure. 

My Word Without Numbers – An interesting Ted Talk from Line Rothmann

Image: Kaospilot Radar:

Check out the Ted Talk below from Line Rothmann. Line is from Denmark and has Dyscalculia. This Ted Talk shows her explaining how she has very little understanding of time and how she has created her own quirky ways to navigate through life.

The amazing team at IHC New Zealand have a free Library service that is available for anyone residing in New Zealand. The library has an extensive book selection about a wide range of intellectual and developmental disabilities. All books are free to borrow.

Khan Kids

We’ve stumbled across the app “Khan Kids” and really like what it offers. It has a wide range of “FREE” activities that can support our kids in a fun game based way. It is a learning app ideally used by students who are between 2-7 yrs of age. There are numerous games, videos and books for your child to explore. Download it and check out the library section. 

Nessy FREEBIES for September

As many of you know we use the Nessy web programme and apps to practice many of the sound/letters and spelling rules we work through with our students. For the month of September Nessy is giving away one app FREE each week for families. Check out this webpage for more information

All of our Learning Support Team members are really missing seeing their students face to face and we hope that we can see you again very soon!