Term 3 2020

It has certainly been a busy few months for all of us, going into and then coming out of lockdown. We know that getting back into ‘normal routines’ was tough for many and then Term 2 was exceptionally long, so we hope you were able to relax a bit over the holidays. 

We hope the first two weeks of Term 3 went well last week. We know that all members of our Learning Support team are really looking forward to supporting all of your children again this coming term. 

Learning Support News

Spelling Homework 

A reminder to all LS parents that we follow a routine for learning spelling words at home called the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) routine. To read more about this strategy please read this article. It is a way of ‘training the brain’ to help spelling words sink into students’ long term memory. Follow THIS LINK to watch a video that we have created to show parents how to do this strategy at home.

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Year 8 Learning Support Student 

We know that many parents of Year 8 Learning Support students are currently in the process of choosing high schools for their students. Please feel free to chat to your tutor about this transition as we are happy to communicate with any high school and send through handover notes for any students moving to a new school. 

New Learning Support Branches 

This year we have opened two new branches of Learning Support. Holly Hansen is running our new Papamoa branch and Fiona Goff is heading up our Hawkes Bay Branch. Please feel free to contact either Holly ( or Fiona ( if you are in those areas and need support. 


We saw this wonderful article last week about a very clever harpist with dyslexia who uses colour coding to help her read music! Click on THIS LINK to read more about Morwenna.

Ideas for Home Support

FREE month of AudioBooks

Many of our testers and tutors recommend audiobooks for our LS students. Audiobooks are a great way to ‘read’ a story with support. Hearing a story exposes students to rich language, appropriate tone, expression and speed and models accurate reading. We have found this website, All You Can Books which is currently offering 30 days of FREE downloads on all audio books. You can sign up for a month for free and download as many audiobooks as you like. The audiobooks can be downloaded onto any device, an i-pad, smart phone, Kindle or laptop! What a great way to trial audiobooks. 

Online Maths Games

Many of our LS students are either having tutoring for Maths or feel like they need some support with their maths. Some of our tutors have been trialling this website which includes games that are directly linked to the NZ Curriculum. We like that the games are visual but not timed so there is no pressure to complete the games/questions quickly.

We hope that Term 3 goes well for you all and that you are staying warm and dry on these colder (and sometimes wet) days!