Term 2 2022

Check out our latest blog for some information about Online Zoom sessions and some ideas for audiobooks. 

Term 2 2022

It is hard to believe we are over half way through Term 2! Isn’t 2022 just racing by! We trust that this blog post finds you all healthy and well. It is great to see many schools getting back into extra curricular events and we know many of our Learning Support students have been involved in cross country and pink shirt day already this term. We’re enjoying hearing about the different events and activities that our students are participating in.​​​​​​

We want to thank all of our amazing Learning Support families for their ongoing flexibility and understanding in regard to COVID and sickness. We aim to be as consistent as possible with your child’s tutoring but we all know that illnesses as well as COVID are still hanging around in our communities and at times impact our ability to see your children face to face. We thank you for your support and understanding when face to face tutoring is impacted and are so grateful that we can often move smoothly to online tutoring via Zoom. 


Online Zoom Tutoring Available 

We have recently had a few inquiries from families who don’t live close to our Learning Support branches. While face to face tutoring is our preference, we are able to offer online tutoring through Zoom if a student is not living near one of our tutors. If you know someone who is struggling to find a tutor in their town, please let them know that we may be able to help and they can contact us via our website www.learningsupport.nz


We are on the lookout for new tutors!

Our Wellington, Dunedin and Hawkes Bay branches are all on the hunt for some new tutors for a Term 3 2022 start. We are rapidly expanding and are looking for passionate people who have experience in education to join our team. If you or anyone you know may be interested please send an inquiry email with your C.V. to [email protected] and Kim and Holly will touch base with some further information.


The term dyslexic thinking is now defined as a noun! How cool is that? The term has been officially added to the dictionary and is now considered a noun. How amazing that the clever and unique way that people with dyslexia think and problem solve is recognised officially! 


Read Aloud Books


Harper Collins Publishers has a fantastic You Tube Channel called Harper Kids. Here you can find some awesome read aloud videos of some amazing picture books. Having kids watch books being read out loud is one way to extend their vocabulary and gives them the opportunity to see successful reading modelled in a different way. One that we loved watching was The Bad Seed by Jory John. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqsGoiz-ufg 


Apps we’re LOVING!

We wanted to share some simple FREE apps we have found that support students with strengthening their phonological awareness. 

Whats changed? - Simple app where students listen to words and identify which sound within the word has changed

Phonemic Awareness Bubbles - Four simple games that support students to match sounds in words with visual images to support them 

Partners in Rhyme - Another app with four simple games that support a students ability to recognise rhyme in words. 

Sound Beginnings - An app where the focus is on recognising initial sounds in words with pictures to support. 

Montessori Crossword - An app where students create words using a range of varying spelling rules and patterns. Great for consolidating blending of sounds within words. This app is not free. 


Barbie is getting hearing aids!

Check out this CNN article about the different Barbie’s that Mattell is launching in 2022. It is wonderful to see a huge toy brand embracing those who are different by creating toys that reflect many children’s differences! https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/barbie-hearing-aid-ken-vitiligo/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3lKpfD_Gvp87xOiQigvjDre3JeyfJkAf2rJ3bTm_SlIl2irlGtn0leLS0 


Monitoring assessments will be taking place for many of our Learning Support students towards the end of Term 2 and we are all looking forward to sharing your child’s progress with you. We thank you so much for all of the time and hard work you put into supporting your child with their homework. The more practice they do, the quicker we see results!

The Learning Support Team x

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