Term 2 2023 Blog Post

Term 2 2023 

We are nearly in the middle of another term and we’re sure you will agree that we have certainly had some Wintery weather this May! A reminder to let your child’s tutor know if your child will miss their session due to illness or a school trip. We appreciate that sometimes you won’t know about illness until the morning of a tutoring day, but even a quick text is really appreciated. 


Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Last term we shared with you the lovely book JC the BumbleBee written by Natalie Bryan about a gorgeous wee bumblebee with APD.  Our team was lucky enough to have some insightful Professional Development in term 1 delving into auditory processing disorder. This is something that a number of our Learning Support students are diagnosed with.  It was really useful for us, as educators, to find out more about how this impacts our students and how we can support those students who have struggles with auditory processing. We wanted to share some information with our LS whanau about what APD is and how it feels for students who struggle with this. 

The Sound Skills website https://soundskills.co.nz is really insightful and has some great information about APD for anyone who is interested in learning more.  This page, in particular has some informative, easy to read/comprehend information about what APD is and how it may be recognised in children. Click on this link to hear an example of how some people with APD process information that they hear. It helps us to understand why the classroom (or other environments) can be challenging for students who have APD. 

Book RecommendationsThere are so many amazing books out there that it can be so hard to choose ones that may suit your child and their needs. This term we thought we would suggest a couple of books that we have loved reading - that focus on overcoming challenges. See our recommendations below. 
When things aren’t going right, go left! By Marc Colagiovanni. A lovely picture book about “optimism and overcoming worries and fears”. You can see a video example of the book here on this You Tube link. Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly HuntThis lovely novel is about a girl who struggles with fitting in at school due to her inability to read. This book follows Ally’s journey through finding out she is dyslexic and understanding herself better. She realises that there is more to her than a label and she has so many other strengths! A really uplifting book to read with any student who may be finding it difficult to fit in. 

"History of Reading in New Zealand" Carla McNeill and Professor James Chapman. We wanted to share this interesting You Tube video where the amazing Carla McNeill, from Learning Matters, chats with Professor James Chapman about how the teaching of reading has changed over time in New Zealand. It is an interesting watch to hear more about how reading has been taught, and how research says reading should be taught.  Grab a cuppa and have a watch/listen to these two chat all things reading in NZ education. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZIWF0-ZyxU&list=PL7x8OTG9miaF_pzBV1_0HgCw4GSwlaclG&index=19&t=1026s 


Brain Warmers This website has some great daily activities for kids of all ages. Each day there is a small math number activity, a mindfulness task, a fact of the day, some vocabulary building and a short writing/oral language activity. Could be good if your child is home unwell or away from school for any reason. Check it out here https://www.senhub.co.uk/daily-brain-warmers/

We hope the term continues to go well for you all, and you and your families stay healthy and dry amidst the consistent rain that many of us are having. Thanks again for the ongoing support you give your children with their tutoring. We love working with your kiddies and collaborating with you and their teachers to support them. 

The Learning Support Team x



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