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Mitch has so many great ideas for stories and it is wonderful for him to see them ‘in print’. His tutor Kate has scribed the story below “Revenge of the Butterflies” for him. We find scribing to be really valuable for many of our students as it increases their confidence and self belief when they see that they have amazing ideas despite finding the mechanics of writing challenging.

Mitch we are so proud of you and LOVED reading your story!


One hot sunny day, walking through the hot, grainy sand of the Sahara Desert, it felt like my feet were being rubbed against sandpaper. We sat down to have a rest, I used my backpack as a pillow but it felt like gravel under my head. We had no food, or water drink, so we had very little time to complete it.

We had to get this gem before time ran out. I can’t believe butterflies forced us to do this stupid quest. It felt like the world had expanded because the butterflies had made us so tiny. I turned to my wife and said “we need to complete this quest so we can be big again and live our normal lives back in New York”. With butterflies carrying books as our transport, the butterflies had ordered us to find the gem so they could become the bigger predator once again.

One night when we stopped to sleep, I rolled over and looked at my wife’s back. Two lumps were growing on her shoulder blades. They burst open with goo coming out of them. I screamed in fear of what was happening to us. I woke her up and said “look at your back! You’ve got butterfly wings”.

We were just ordinary kids when it all started happening. Me and Jeffery-Mia, my now wife, started bullying butterflies when we were 7. We didn’t like their disgusting, puny bodies, or their behaviour. My parents were very bad to me, they would swear in front of me and treat me like a butterfly. We lived in a tiny apartment with two bedrooms, one tiny bathroom, a kitchen and a tiny T.V and couch. At 15 years old we stopped bullying the butterflies because we thought they were a waste of our time.

It’s been 5 days since I last wrote in my diary. We did not succeed our mission so we have been turned into butterflies forever. Everyone hated us. Except 2 of the butterflies, they were the same as us. They were bullies as kids and now they are butterflies. These 2 butterflies gave us a roof over our head, food, water and comfort. The food was disgusting. It was crunchy and squishy at the same time, I didn’t even know that was possible. They showed us around the city and it turns out the butterflies have it good. But as soon as we stepped out the door everyone stepped inside. They were so afraid of us, but they didn’t even know us. I yelled out to everyone “Why are you hiding, we are just like you!” We were sad and lonely.

The moral of this story is: “Don’t be a bully or you could end up like us”



Ollie is an avid rugby fan and wrote a recount of a rugby game. Thanks for sharing with us Ollie! You've done a wonderful job! 


It was a hot day for a rugby game. Everyone was cheering for the all blacks when they were running out to the field .

They made the crowd jump out of their seats. They made us clap so loud that the all blacks couldn't hear the whistle for the game to start .  The crowd was silent for the national anthems. Usa  went first then all blacks went second. The national anthems are done, said the commentator. Now time for the haka . The  all blacks laid down the challenge .The game was being played at Washington dc for the first time ever



Our amazing Learning Support student Ella wrote this fantastic piece for a speech contest at her school, which she won a placing for! She shared it with her tutor Sandra last week and we thought it would be a perfect addition to our website. Amazing job Ella! We are all so incredibly proud of you.

Click on this LINK to read Ella’s wonderful piece.

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