Maths Tips


Regular practice (5 mins per day) is vital as it helps our students consolidate their number sense and basic math knowledge and enables them to be ready to learn more complex math concepts.

Below are some apps and websites we find really useful to support our students with practicing their basic facts and number sense. Having your child practice their basic facts for 5-10 mins each day will make a difference to their learning.

Bonds to 10/20 

Bubble Blaster to 10 and Bonds to 10 – Two online games that support students with their Bonds to 10

Number Bonds to 20 and Bubble Blaster – Two online game that supports students with their  Bonds to 20


Times Tables Practice 

Times Table Rally – a fun car racing game that focuses on accuracy of times tables

Multiplication Facts – A fun Bubble Blasting Game to play to help practice times tables. You can choose different levels for this game.

Times Tables NZ Website – This website includes a variety of games aimed at supporting students practice their tables. You can choose individual tables to practice which is great if a student is focusing on a particular table.


Apps for Practicing Basic Facts and Times Tables 

Hit the Button – A wonderful website (and app) that supports students to practice a range of basic facts (doubles, halves, number bonds, times tables and division facts) Suitable for all ages

Squeeble Math Apps – Fun game based apps that can be purchased to practice differing needs. We love them all, but find that the Maths Race and Math Bingo apps are best for a range of different basic fact practice.