Our Clever Students

Ella’s Speech

Our amazing Learning Support student Ella wrote this fantastic piece for a speech contest at her school, which she won a placing for! She shared it with her tutor Sandra last week and we thought it would be a perfect addition to our website. Amazing job Ella! We are all so incredibly proud of you. Click on this LINK to read Ella’s wonderful piece.

Justin’s Beach Poem

Justin has written an amazing descriptive poem about the beach and how he feels about the beach. Enjoy!!

 Alex’s Magic E Writing 

Alex has been learning all about Magic E! She has used her knowledge to create this paragraph about a naughty snake making cigarettes!

Fletcher’s Maths

Fletcher has been working hard on mastering his maths skills using materials in a range of ways. Here he is using rods to make Bonds to 5 and using cars to skip count on the number mat. Wonderful work Fletcher, you are amazing!

Austin’s Haiku Poem

One of our wonderful students Austin has written a Haiku Poem that we’d love to share with you. Keep up the clever writing Austin! We’re really proud of you!

We recently had some Learning Support students have their writing published in the UpStart magazine and we just had to share them! We are super proud of them for not only creating such wonderful pieces but also for having them published in a magazine. To check out the Up Start magazine please follow the link below to their website or check them out on facebook. 

Website: https://www.upstartmag.nz/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/upstartmag/ads/?ref=page_internal