Typing Practice

Many of our students are using devices as a way to get their ideas down on ‘paper’. It is important that they become confident using a keyboard so that their typing becomes automatic and they can focus on the content of their typing rather than the logistics of getting it down.

Below are some websites we recommend for supporting students who are learning to type.

Free websites

BBC Dance Mat Typing – A free BBC website that has fun games to support a student to become a fast and accurate typer. Best suited to Primary aged students.

Words Per Minute – A quick online game that has students type 3 sentences as quickly and as accurately as possible. This is a good short activity to do on a regular basis. Have your child record down their scores after each attempt so they can track their progress.

Speed Typing Online – A free online 1 minute typing test to help students practice and make progress in their typing. Students can track their progress and try to improve each week


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