Term 1 2020

Term 1 2020

We trust that all our students have settled well into the new school year and are enjoying the range of learning opportunities offered to them at school. Feedback from tutors is that our LS students are working really hard this term and attending sessions with a desire to learn which is fantastic. 


As your tutors would have informed you, we have moved our LS online home!  Please note that our new website is: www.learningsupport.nz. Your tutor will also have a new email address (tutorname@learningsupport.nz). 


Like people all over the world, we are keeping an eye on the updates regarding the Coronavirus. We will closely monitor information from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education in relation to the virus. We are in the process of ensuring that all of our tutors are able to tutor remotely via an online platform should the need arise.  We will stay in touch if things progress here in New Zealand and we need to tweak our tutoring.

Phonological Awareness: 

Focusing on Phonological awareness skills is really important for all students, but particularly those who struggle with literacy skills. Joy Allcock states that phonological awareness “refers to the awareness of sounds and patterns of sounds in spoken words. Beginning readers and spellers need to learn to identify, discriminate between and manipulate these sounds in words.”  Check out this video for a brief overview of Phonological awareness and its importance as a foundation for literacy skills 

During each tuition session our tutors work on phonological awareness with their students, so they are explicitly practicing ‘playing’ with sounds within words. 

This graphic shows the ‘steps’ of phonological awareness and the order in which the different skills are mastered. 

You would have heard your child talking about and practicing Elkonin Boxes.  These are again, a wonderful way to isolate sounds within words, so students can be more accurate with their encoding of words.  Check out this video of a clever little guy working on segmenting sounds using model cars and Elkonin Boxes

We have a page of “Tips” that you can download HERE. This gives you a few ideas as to how you can do some simple fun activities at home with your child to support them developing phonological awareness skills. 

Reading Ideas

As parents we are ALWAYS looking for some new book ideas for our children to read. Melissa, our wonderful Wellington Branch Manager told us about the Barrington Stokes website and we love it!  It is a great website to ‘find’ book titles that may spark your child’s interest. It also has a section for dyslexic and reluctant readers where you can find a range of book titles that are age appropriate and decodable readers for our children who struggle to read; www.barringtonstoke.co.uk.