Term 4 2018

Term 4 2018

Term 4 Blog Post

It is hard to believe we are once again at the end of another busy year.  We have all enjoyed working with you and supporting you to be more confident with your learning.  We hope that you all have the chance to enjoy some much deserved downtime over the coming weeks.

To our students who are graduating from Learning Support, we wish you all the very best in your future learning journey.  We know that you are ready to ‘fly’ on your own as you have mastered a bank of strategies to help you access the curriculum and make the most of the learning experiences offered to you at school. Please do stay in touch with your tutor in the new year and let them know how you are getting on. For our returning students, we look forward to working with you all in 2019.
Term 4 Monitoring

If your child has completed two terms of tuition since they were last assessed by Learning Support, their tutor would have completed assessments with them before they finished tuition this term. Tutors will send out monitoring letters soon that show the data gathered and how your child has progressed since their last testing. When planning for Term 1, we analyse this data and use it to ensure our teaching  plans are best aligned to the needs of your child. Please contact your child’s tutor if you have any questions about the monitoring or assessments.

Summer Homework

A number of our parents have mentioned how long the break is and have expressed concern about progress potentially being lost over the Summer break.  Here are some suggestions to keep up the momentum:

Holiday Diary – Many of our students find writing challenging and are working on their spelling and writing with tutors. Writing a holiday diary (either on paper or a device) is a great way for students to keep up some writing practice. Taking your child to a shop to choose a special diary is a great start. Have them glue photos/tickets in, draw pictures, and then write a couple of sentences about their Summer adventures is a great way to keep them writing.  Alternatively, they can use a Device to record their Summer adventures if they are working on keyboard skills and struggling with the physical aspect of writing.

Reading – Continuing to practice reading daily will support your child to retain and build on the progress that they have made in their reading. 10-15 minutes every day will be really beneficial – whilst this should ideally be independent reading, there are also numerous benefits to them being read to. Readtheory  is a free website that has reading passages and reading comprehension questions which are levelled according to each individual student. Feel free to sign up your child if they need a different reading option for the Summer. 

Summer Library Challenges – Numerous libraries around New Zealand are running Summer reading challenges. Check out your local library for their reading challenge and encourage your child to participate. Having a ‘challenge aspect’ can often be the extra motivation needed for some children to read more often.

Audio Books – Audio books can be downloaded from a range of websites/apps and when our students listen to them, they are developing their vocabulary and hearing good examples of fluent and expressive reading.  Some we have been told about are audible.com.au where you will find a huge range of audio books that are often cheaper than buying directly from Amazon. allyoucanbooks.com has a free trial period where you can download as many books as you want for 30 days. With over 40,000 books, there is bound to be something that sparks an interest for all of our students!

Ted Talk – Dyslexia Font – This is an interesting Ted Talk and website about a font that has been created to specifically support those people who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia.  

Dave Pilkey

Many of our students would have heard of (or read) the Captain Underpants books written by Dave Pilkey.  He is a wonderful example of someone who became a successful author despite having learning challenges. Read about him → and check out his website for some more information about him and his awesome books

Term 1 Tuition

Many tutors start in Week 2 of term to allow students to settle into their new classrooms and get to know their new teachers and classmates.  Your child’s tutor will be in touch to let you know the start date for Term 1.

We trust that you all have the opportunity for some rest and relaxation over the coming weeks. Be safe and look after one another.  We look forward to seeing many of you in the new year.

With our very best wishes,

The Learning Support Team