“The Strength Switch” Professor Lea Waters

“The Strength Switch” Professor Lea Waters

We recently visited Scots College to hear Professor Lea Waters speak. Professor Waters (https://www.leawaters.com) is a psychologist and researcher and is the only Australian to be appointed as a Professor in Positive Psychology. 

Professor Waters believes that we should help our children and students to further develop their strengths so they are better equipped to work on their weaknesses. We know that our children have strengths, but we do not always focus on growing these strengths, and instead focus on improving their weaknesses. Professor Waters research shows that kids who are aware of and focus on further improving their strengths are more resilient and capable of working on their weaknesses as they have confidence and a strong sense of self worth. Lea has free information and games on her website about how to identify your own and your child’s strengths and tips of how to support your child with their strengths and weaknesses.  Her book “Strength Switch” has detailed information about her research and tips for taking a Strengths based approach to parenting and teaching. 

We found her seminar really interesting and found lots of the things she talked about hit home with us as both parents and teachers and thought our LS families may also find some of her research and ideas interesting. 

Please see Professor Waters website for more information https://www.strengthswitch.com

Down the bottom of the home page you will find a load of free resources and information.

We hope you find some of her tips interesting and useful!


The LS Team 🙂